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YoonHaexplosion; YOONG & HAE, WE ARE NO. 1

Home of the Pyrotechnic community ♥

♥YoonHae Community♥ We're The Pyrotechnics~
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"Yoong & Hae we are No.1"
Lee Donghae [10.05.28]





YoonHae International Fanforum

Check out the links above for more YoonHae goodies!

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You've just found a community focused on the relationship (be it friendship/as fellow entertainers/or romantic) between Super Junior's Lee Donghae and Girls Generation's Im Yoon Ah.

If you love them both, their interactions, or (like us) think there's something else going on between them; then please do join and come to spazz with us! ♥


Fanfics, icons, graphics, videos and all types of artworks are welcomed, but they must be related to Donghae, YoonA or YoonHae.
Big pictures should be posted behind cuts, or at least as thumbnails.
Please tag entries properly, it makes finding stuff a lot easier.
Fanfictions should be also behind a lj-cut.
Discussion of all kind about Donghae/YoonA/YoonHae is more than welcomed; if you have a theory about them, noticed something odd in one of their interactions and want to point it out, etc~ please do share!
No bashing of any kind!

Wondering where to start?
Divided in three sections:
Caught! aka; moments they've had in stages, performances, videos, concerts, etc.
Spotted! aka; similarities and interesting casual (or not so casual) tidbits that are always fun to point out. Like couple t-shirts.
Captured! aka; pictures of the two together. Sukira, photoshoots, mv-making, sm-related events, etc.

A gallery where all the pictures&videos that have been shared in here are stored! Follow the yoonhaexplosion!
& The youtube account of DeerFishySubs, the Sub Team of the YHE Forum! & A twitter that keeps track of all the YoonHaexplosion updates!

✪YoonHae throughout 2009~!✪
It's missing their statements, a few happenings, and also a few moments that wouldn't have looked good if resized to such a small picture, but with over 70 pictures, I think this is more than enough to see why 2009 was so epic for our favorite duo ♥ Of course, you can find them and more in the community!

✪Want to look for something in particular?✪